Efficient On Line Marketing

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Efficient on line marketing, is man’s best friend.

The digital world is here to stay. More and more people use the web to research products they want to buy, places they want to go, find jobs, find doctors, pay bills, learn how to do something, the list goes on and on.

Marketing your products or services on line is your best bet and a website can be your best friend to put you in front of more prospects.

As everything is going digital, we see newspapers, going on line, yellow pages going on line, if you want to be found you better be “ON LINE”. The most prominent corporations know this and now they showcase their product on the web trough the most creative ways. MINI FILMS.

What is a mini film? A mini film is a creative approach to show a product without making it feel like it is a commercial to sell you something. Although the truth is that this later kind of film is more of a sale’s tool that a conventional TV commercial it infiltrates our brain and claims a spot in there because it touches us. A mini film is design to “touch” your senses. It appeals to what makes us excited, emotional, and pushes our buttons.

A great example of this is the BMW mini film series.


This series are not commercial but mini films that show the product on various locations such as the Top of the Bank of America Skyscraper building in Los Angeles, or on top of an aircraft carrier ship in the middle of the ocean outfitted with a driving circuit for the BMW to drift dangerously close to the edge.

Films are so different than Video. A film is profound, and it is of superb artistry in every angle and through every second of the mini story. Companies know that in order to make you remember them, they need to present memorable visual media.

Visual Media is growing exponentially. At CineWeb we believe that if “A picture is worth a 1000 words, a film is worth 1 000, 000” With the correct visual media approach, you can make a simple product like a wine bottle opener be a work of art. A service can be visualized, prestige can be created or retained. With today’s animation technology, any company can showcase their products and what makes them special from their competition.

In conclusion, On line Media can be your best friend. Or your competitor’s best friend.

Don’t be left behind. Dive into the trend, don’t present your company like is 1999, present it in the current standards that technology has to offer for your benefit, your prestige and your company’s image. Be driven to be found not just locally, but globally, a good video could go viral and make turn you into the next best product or service in your category. Stay ahead of your competitors.

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FILMING AT FRENCH PYRENEES region was also one of our popular Blog articles. Now we present that post in our new Website Blog. Why? Because, filming on the French Pyrenees was a place we really want you to see wit your own eyes. There is such medieval beauty everywhere while having the comforts of modern life. The entire region makes for a great family vacation and the French Tourism commissioned our team to film to promote the area.


Here is the article:


Link to Pyrenees facebook film -> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150952500136987&set=vb.734386986&type=3&theater

Not just product and service companies look for visual media. The French Ministry of Tourism wanted to showcase the beauty of the Pyrenees mountains. Our Top film producer and team had to conceptualize a way to capture an epic presentation for not just one location but many. The goal was to show also a little bit of the history, heritage, tradition and blend it with today’s available activities.

The Pyrenees form a line of high, rugged mountains south of Toulouse. Stretching for more than 400 km from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the Pyrenean mountain range forms a natural border between France and Spain. Here, nature runs its remarkable course unchecked, hiking is in its element, and the villages and pastoral traditions remain as authentic as they always were.

In a GLOBAL DIGITAL world. Is imperative to advertise. The French Ministry of Tourism knew this very well. Often we see outdated promotional material that is not inspiring to the prospective traveler. Although many know about this area, the key was to visually market it in a way that makes the traveler want to plan a vacation there instead of Bora Bora or elsewhere. The area has its own charm and flavor. That was the most important mission of the film team. Present the Pyrenees in all the epic glory they offer.

Anyone can grab a video camera, but very few can present the exact same location, town, bridge the way it was done in this film. Even the hour of the day was carefully chosen to make the Publicity for this client. A FILM DRONE equipped with a cinematography camera was used to shoot aerial views of the mountains giving the film a magnificence impossible to capture if filmed just from the ground up.

Contact our team. We can find the flavor, essence and nature of your product, service, location or project.

We are driven to making your visual needs come true and exceed your expectations at a price very irresistible and competitive you will be surprised and wondering WHY you didn’t contacted CINEWEB before.

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Marketing Unique Scenarios

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Marketing unique scenarios:

How to market a peculiar concept: “STAY IN A CASTLE”

Link to facebook film -> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150943310211987&set=vb.734386986&type=3&theater

One of the most peculiar film projects by CINEWEB’s top film producing team was commissioned by a chain of Castles located in Europe. The project involved the use of a remote control FILM DRONE to give stunning aerial footage of this fantastic locations. Sometimes aerial filming is just the perfect way to do justice to the beauty of these historical hotels. The team chose the time of the day the best sun positioning. Editing and mastering the film followed a marketing on-line campaign. Here, on this Blog entry we would like to share the film for your enjoyment. Also some information about the client.


It does not get more unique than making a promo for a chain of castles. Here is a brief description of the client:

Created in 1975, Châteaux & Hôtels Collection (previously known as Châteaux & Hôtels de France) is the leading French network of charming hotels and gourmet restaurants. The brand brings together 585 establishments in 16 countries, the majority based in France and Italy. Presided over by Alain Ducasse since 1999, the Châteaux & Hôtels Collection promotes independent hotels and restaurants founded upon diversity and authenticity to offer guests real charm under the brand signature “Le charme, le vrai”.

A Collector at Heart Châteaux & Hôtels Collection invites you to travel to the heart of France and Europe and discover their authentically vibrant cultural and gastronomic heritage! The word ‘collection’ has not been chosen by chance; it is at the very core of our philosophy and selection. Châteaux & Hôtels Collection is a collector at heart, with a collector’s eye for those talented people who make hotels and restaurants a genuine craft, who know better than anyone how to create unique locations. Châteaux & Hôtels Collection ‘hunts out’ rare pearls, eclectic locations inhabited and steeped in history where cuisine and the ‘crafters of enjoyment’ who bring the place to life play an essential role. The Collection has been built up patiently for almost 40 years now, through its many journeys and encounters.
We hope you take a little time to visit our film portfolio where you can find some samples we have done for other clients in Europe, USA and Canada.
You will be surprised how a DEMO film or Trade show video can bring so much business.
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– See more at: http://cinewebstudio.com/blog/en/2014/08/stay-in-a-castle/#sthash.ANWmxpO1.dpuf

13 Digital Marketing Trends


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13 Digital Marketing trends for 2014 was one of our favorite Blog articles on 2014. It is very interesting to see how all worked true as we reach for the end of this interesting year. Bellow you see a copy from our old website. We just had to share this awesome article with you in our new site since it is still so incredibly relevant and helpful.


The end of the year is showing the tip of his nose and budgets are already in place for the brand new year. But what can we expect of changes and trends, and what are the impacts on digital marketing? Here are some digital marketing trends to research and implement this 2014


The new Apple iPad Mini to Amazon Kindle Fire through the full range of Samsung Galaxy models, the choice of tablets is now very extensive. Not to mention Google and Nexus 7 or even Microsoft who joins the parade with the highly anticipated Surface. Digital tablets eating away market share for both desktop and portable, with a projection of 90 million consumers in the U.S. alone by 2014. Especially, the behavior of users of these devices has it all stakeholders in tourism: more time spent on the website pages, and a higher conversion rate. We love!



Have you noticed how we work more and more in the clouds? You can use Hootsuite as aggregator of your various accounts on social media, your accounting and billing via Freshbooks, or share your documents with friends and colleagues via Dropbox, Google Drive or project management applications as BaseCamp. Companies also seek to reduce overdose emails using internal collaboration tools as Yammer, which confirms the increased confidence in these systems, while reassuring in the issues of security and privacy.



It was already a trend identified last year and we may also find the next year because it is not easy. This is commonly known as big data , are now a real challenge business to get a unique view of the consumer as a transactional cycle. How to collect data when a customer interacts with the brand through social media, a call center, on-site or via a mobile device? Analyze data is similar here to drink water directly from a fire hose!



Many were disappointed at the recent launch of the iPhone 5 when it was expected to feature NFC mobile payment technology. However, Apple unveiled its Passbook, while the co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, pushing his new project Square, a mobile credit card reader, which made ??its debut in Canada, while others start their own initiative, as CIBC Rogers. Not to mention Google Wallet, PayPal or even Groupon which is supposed to launch its own mobile payment solution, so this is the Wild West right now. Who will be the leader in this exciting market? And what will be the impact in terms of databases, the issues of privacy or marketing opportunities?



Smartphones now account for over 50% of new equipment purchased, and the growth of connected devices is expected to continue in 2013. The manufacturer Ericsson also believes that there will be over 50 billions connected devices in circulation by 2020, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. In North America, 2013 should also mark the first time that lists more users online from a mobile platform than from a computer. According to a recent British study, one notices that the phone does little more to talk about in person – this function is now in 5th!



Brands now become publishing content with the blog, newsletter and social media as tools in their arsenal of online communications. Some even argue that content marketing comes to replace traditional advertising. Coca Cola is also a brand that has understood this aspect of marketing that grows more and more content via owned and shared media, allowing it to reduce its investment in paid media.



For most businesses, social media is the responsibility of marketing and communications, they were seen as a form of advertising communication with customers. However, we realize that its use transcends organizational silos, because it is actually a responsibility. It is time to see multifunctional teams mettrent up a question of better represent the various departments: customer service, human resources, sales, marketing, research, legal, IT, marketing, communications, etc..



2012 was undoubtedly the year of the rise of visual social media, especially with the explosion of popular Pinterest and Instagram. Several destination, hotels and tourist agencies have also seized up the ball, and it is expected that 2013 will be a year of expansion at this level – Twitter also recently announced its intention to launch a new feature photo sharing.



Would hope that in 2013, social media will be considered as a strategic telescope, and not just tactics. Several brands have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. But yet? The trial and error approach is correct, but to a certain extent. Brands must now step back to question the efforts and resources to the priorities and corporate objectives. In other words, what is your strategy? Although this should precede your approach to social media, it’s never too late to revisit your approach and online.



I do not know if this is a trend or simply a desire on my part, but companies need to know why they have an online presence. Yes, there are tremendous users online and mobile growth, but it remains that many still prefer to call or talk to someone verbally or in person. This is especially true in tourism, where travel agents and other intermediaries continue to play an important role in the purchase decision process. Not to mention people who just want to win and “unplug” during a stay.



I’m the devil’s advocate to the previous point: some people WANT to stay connected throughout their stay. How destinations and tourism stakeholders can they offer experience and services online? The abounding website information is it the best tool at your destination? Should we adapt according to the interests, culture, ie, foodies, sports fans, or depending on the mobile device? Can we consider local offers tailored to the tastes of visitors?



Crowdsourcing, or the intelligence of crowds, using social platforms is not a new phenomenon, but it still remains largely underutilized. Faithful to their old habits, many organizations still rely on their research approach paper surveys or focus groups (focus groups) so they could survey their customers and fans equivalently via their newsletters or Facebook communities. Starbucks was one of the first to innovate on a large scale by seeking the best ideas of its customers with its MyStarbucksIdea.com project. And what about the Melia hotel chain, which has developed “social action” in its new facilities, based on the comments of Facebook fans.



2013 does mark the beginning of the end to the outrageous domination of online travel agencies (commonly called OTA, online travel agencies) in the digital distribution model? Side of the hotel, you feel a dawning revolution while several players looking to reduce their dependence, and large commissions paid to Expedia, Priceline, and their subsidiaries, ie Bookings.com, Hotels.com, etc.. With the recent Expedia program estimating losses of $ 2.1 billion for U.S. hoteliers, it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back? In Europe, hotel groups have already begun intensive lobbying Google to prevent OTA build AdWords campaigns using keywords institutions, without their prior consent.

That’s it! 13 marketing trends for 2014, especially in the tourism industry but also valid for the majority of industries.

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Survive Business Recession by preparing a good marketing campaign to promote your business. From time to time the economy seems to challenge even the most stablished businesses. Despite how good your product or service is, you notice less new customers and you begin to wonder what is going on. Fortunately, the internet can be a good source of business. You need to take advantage of how the web can help you survive business recession and bring you a step ahead of your competitors.

CINEWEB can help, we have over 27 years of business development, marketing and can customize a website and help your business with a web marketing campaign sure to make your business be noticed. We can create a short film to showcase your services or products and make any visual marketing tool you need to dazzle your clients.

Times have changed and companies know that when the economy is low you have to double your marketing efforts. A good website can help you reach out clients beyond the borders of your local salespeople. Don’t work too hard, work efficiently.

Today, most consumers go online to research about what they want to buy. They compare, analyze and become convinced about a product or service via website more than ever before. This is why your website has to be up to the current standards of website making. An old website is simply not going to be able to compete with a new one in terms of loading speed and the convenient apps and sharing tools that modern websites offer. Perhaps it is time to evaluate if your website is efficient. Your competitors may be thinking the same. It’s better to do it before “they” do it.

It is possible to turn a recession into an advantage. Simply take the opportunities that present themselves to you and maintain a strong presence in the market. Most importantly, It is proven that businesses that halved their investments in marketing, communication or lead creation for one year will take up to three years to recover back to a normal level of sales in comparison to competitors that continued marketing.

Monitor your competitors activities, be proactive, be innovative, reach out farther and harder. A business that connects with the most, will have the most sales leads, it is as simple as that.

While others make the mistake of cutting marketing funding; refresh your brand, modernize your image and simplify the way your customers may reach you. Offer an easy quotation system. Make it easy for them to buy your products and services.

Invest in a well made, modern and custom Website. As a result, your business will be more competitive, more efficient, more prepared to take the market share, not to mention a tax deductible investment since a good website is the business tool of the future in today’s global economy.

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Don’t forget. Business recession is a time to prove that “survival of the fittest” is a true statement.