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These days, a “WEBSITE” is not just information on the web about your company.  Websites have evolved so much that now they are your marketing department’s best friend. But be careful, even the most modern website is only half of what you need. You need that new website to be VISIBLE in the Internet. You want people to FIND YOUR COMPANY even if they don’t know the name of your corporation.  

Cineweb’s websites are built to enable SEO tactics that can change frequently as your business changes. CineWeb prides itself in bringing customer’s websites to prime pages in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. After all, the more visible your website, the more clientele will be coming your way. As you see, marketing your company is vital.  Most likely, your competitors spend money in marketing, they invest in having always a modern website and in SEO and SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. 




1) Before starting your website, CineWeb develops a detailed and customized digital marketing strategy. While remaining attuned to your needs, we advise you on key factors affecting your website’s design, the technology used and many critical aspects of Web development. Whether you need a simple presentation website featuring a high-tech visual or an information-filled website requiring a search engine and content management system, we provide you with cost-effective and technologically advanced solutions. 


2) A wire frame is a master plan or blueprint that shows the information architecture of your website. It involves the key process of creating a graphic structure of your future site with all its functionality and sections clearly outlined. Depending on your particular needs, detailed descriptions are created for each section and subsection. In addition, a wire frame is an invaluable “at-a-glance” content management tool for overseeing Web projects, measuring progress and keeping everyone on the same page.


3) CineWeb’s Web design involves color selection, graphics creation and visual appeal of your website as well as to make it easy for visitors to navigate.  Our CineWeb team has expert graphic designers who can advice you in the best color palette, sleek looking icons, intuitive buttons and the way the information is visually presented to your visitors. CineWeb aims at creating websites were visitors can easily find the information they look for or shop with ease. Either way such is the goal to bring your company more sales, distributors, wholesalers, importers, or clientele in general.




The three previous steps—Web strategy, wire frame and Web design—are vital and indispensable to begin website development stage. This is where your website comes together. First, Cineweb creates a frame with a few selected sections. Once these sections are given the go-ahead by you, we base the rest of the web page on these approved sections. Next, we design a beta version of your website and present you the complete website in a test mode. After you approve the test mode “model”, CineWeb meticulously ensures that all the final touch-ups and changes are done. Finally, we carefully test your website’s functionality to make sure it works flawlessly and after this we launch the website to go live, leaving you with a highly efficient and visually stunning website. Even after launching your website on line, if you need help uploading a “forgotten” something or modifying a new address. We are there to assist you in those last details that could linger.  Our goal is to provide you with good costumer service and be there to answer questions.


When it comes to web hosting plans and maintenance solutions, CineWeb strongly believes that one size does not fit all. Based on your visitor traffic, down loadable content, Web transaction needs, budget and other factors, CineWeb offers flexible solutions on reliable high-tech servers for our clients hosting needs. If desired, we can also take care of your domain name purchase. 




From Web strategy, planning, design, development and hosting, the next steps are to make your new website work as a SALES DEPARTMENT ally. 

Give your website the following services or items: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click program, Promotional film production or web commercial to amplify customer reach. 

Ask us to further your marketing campaign by having CineWeb produce you a TV commercial, instructional, training or trade show video and you will find that CINEWEB guides you through all the intricacies so that you can enjoy an eye-catching, technologically relevant and search engine friendly website. In today’s multi-screened, cross-platform Internet world, we believe that every single step is important in creating a successful website that showcases your company in a visually stunning, yet simple and well-structured way. 


So there you have it. The power of the world wide web is unquestionable. It has made companies  go GLOBAL. Relying on old fashion advertisement is a huge under serving to your company. In today’s competitive marketplace, a carefully defined and focused Web marketing strategy is not just a luxury,  it is an absolute necessity. Your competitors may know this too. Therefore, It is wise to stay always ahead of the game.


Contact our team at: or CALL (951) 432-6935 We hope to hear from you. Feel free to ask us any questions. We can create E-COMMERCE websites.  We also modernize your website for less than you think.  Consider using our Web Marketing Campaign packages to help your company grow. Call now.


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Let’s be honest. Every 4 years you should consider changing your Website. Just like updating apps and even changing cellphones. Changing or Refreshing your website is vital to your company success. Your website brings you money.


Technology is changing so rapidly that just recently Google deemed mandatory to have a Mobile version for your Website other wise you loose your ranking on Web searches. Likewise, Websites using “Flash” to display video or moving images also got penalized or simply the “Flash” part would not work. 


It’s not just Websites, it’s cellphones, computers, etc. In the case of Websites, if your website is older than 4 years you are due for a new one.


A modern Website can be your best marketing tool and can help your marketing manager and sales representatives with their daily task of bringing in the money revenues. CineWeb builds E-COMMERCE websites, and can integrate anything you want at a very affordable price. CineWeb can build you a website that makes, reflects and enhances your company’s image to help you stay ahead of your competitors.


Don’t be out played by your competitors, lots of people are using the internet to be discovered, found and connect with new importers, distributors, wholesalers, or simply more new clients. Today, if you are not visible on the Internet, you are missing out more sales, PERIOD.


CineWeb has over 27 years of business development, and marketing expertise so we are not just a website “shop”. We have offices in France and in Canada and now in Southern California. We use the tactics from Europe and Canada to stay in the cutting edge of style and business growth strategy for our clients companies.


CineWeb does not just build Websites, we offer on line marketing campaigns to help you expand. We also produce PROMO FILMS and provide photography services as well as Graphic design and Social Media Marketing to make your brand more visible and recognized.


The Best part is, when it comes to price our clients are always more than satisfied. We have affordable solutions and over 12 services to help you in all your online marketing needs.


We hope to hear from you soon. THANK YOU for contacting CINEWEB for any of your business needs. We will be happy to send a representative to provide you with a free evaluation and quote to fit your needs and budget. 



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If you are not in the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing when clients are searching on line. We can Help.

Ever wondered why your website is not found unless visitors type the name of your company? Are you waiting for prospects to ask you about your company and there is only an empty inbox? If this is the case, your website is in need of help. Search engine optimization are technical tactics utilized to help a website become more visible in the (SERP)s Search Engine Result Pages. Most importantly, that visibility generates more traffic and most of all improve qualified traffic of visitors to a website. 


This is in a nut shell the objective of SEO. On a separate note, it is important to explain that SEO is a natural, “organic”, “NON-Pay per click” way to make a website climb closer to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) as opposed as the “pay per click” Search Engine Marketing (SEM) advertisement campaigns in which the minute you stop paying your “pay per click” fees, your website becomes practically invisible.

The higher a website appears in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP)s, the more visitors it will receive from search engines. However, helping a website to gain a top spot is not easy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very complex process that can target optimization towards different types of search for example: image search, local search, video search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. This is the reason why you need to hire a professional team.

CineWeb has an excellent team of (SEO) specialists that keep their knowledge at the cutting edge of new technology and website guidelines. The CineWeb team also specializes in Global (SEO) by studying the world trends in website (SEO) and can optimize your website applying country specific (SEO) or Province Specific (SEO) solutions. Most importantly, CineWeb offers a wide variety of technical tactics like customized design, website structure, user cognitive usability, calls to action, layout, coding, programming, encrypting, and customized diagnosing. Let CineWeb’s team of professionals help your website be a modern and technical ally to bring you more sales leads and to represent your business the way it deserves to be viewed by the world.

Call us and find out how we can help you with a new website. See how a good website can help you save some of the money you are already spending in other forms of advertising. You can EMAIL US at
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Are your social media channels "abandoned"? Let us optimize and refine what you have to compete with the BIG competitors in YOUR field.

In the past no one could predict the power of Social Media such as Facebook, YouTube, Google plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vines, Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Today there are over 400 platforms to help your brand be known.   Therefore, if you are not doing (SMO) SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION for your company services or products, you are missing out “BIG TIME”

SMO or (Social Media Optimization) is now the spirit and identity of an Internet Marketing strategy or campaign. Not only SMO can help you generate qualified traffic of visitors from social media but eventually it can really improve your company’s image or brand and help win the customers who are in a choice dilemma, or deciding which company to buy from.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is a subset of the “greater” Social Media Marketing (SMM), which is the online promotion of a brand, product or service through the creative use of social media. By social media we mean media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. 


Contact CineWeb to get a free quote for social media services. let us help you capitalize the Web in your favor. We look forward to hearing from you via email or call (951) 432-6935

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Personalized marketing ADS bring custom traffic and popularize your company in the social media world. 

There are over 400 social media platforms out there and competitors are advertising their products or services and reaping the benefits of connecting with more new clients. It does not matter if your company has a “NARROW NICHE MARKET”.  As a matter of fact, you may need social media even more. We are not talking about just Facebook, Instagram, Vines, Snapchat, YouTube, Flicker, Pinterest, Google Plus,... etc. We are talking about networking in “NARROW NICHE MARKETS” only found on Reddit, Stumble Upon, Podcast places and Blogs.


There is no such thing as: “My company already has clients and I don’t need to advertise”. If you lost your contract with few clients it would be ironic if you did because their new manager found your replacement on a social media channel after Googling and researching for your NICHE MARKET.


We are in a very interesting era where anybody could become a GLOBAL COMPANY if they focus, aggressively sell, and are not afraid of growth. It is better to have problems like “I need a new bigger building” than “I just been replaced by a new startup company or my oldest competitor.”


Social Media is vital for this new global era. 


Social Media is not simple like posting information randomly. Today there are paid programs that help you manage, post on schedule, measure the effects of your posts and pretty much be like a presidential campaign team on your side, helping you with your company’s public relations image, improving sales, reaching to new geographical areas, etc. This is the reason why many strong companies are hiring one or many social media managers. If your company is not able to hire one yet or chooses not to, CINEWEB can help by providing these services in an “A LA CARTE” way. 


CINEWEB can taylor a Social Media campaign and you just pay by post. You can choose the frequency and you can choose the platforms after we have explained to you the pros and cons of each social media channel. CINEWEB can also train your staff on Social Media tactics. Don’t wait anymore. Make an appointment with CINEWEB to explore the possibilities. See how we can adapt to your budget and business specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you via email or call (951) 432-6935


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Even huge companies use constant video advertising: TV commercials, promo films to remind everyone their brand strenght.

Multinationals use web commercials. Start Up Companies invest on trade show films  outstaging competitors. We work with your budget using cinematography and 3D and we are just a call away from exploring all your options.

We use Drones, Cinematography cameras as well as video and can integrate 3D-ANIMATION to your company promo film.

CINEWEB has a team of experienced film, video, 3D ANIMATION, Drone operators, film and video editors who can capitalize every angle to make your products and services look stunning. Our business development expertise applies subliminal ideas when producing promos. We aim at artistic and emotional content to capture your audience’s attention.

CINEWEB specializes in the following affordable services. 








INTEGRATE YOUR PROMO FILM INTO YOUR WEBSITE TO CAPTURE MORE AUDIENCE AND RANK HIGHER IN INTERNET WEB SEARCH.  A new trend is to integrate video on your website. It really helps visitors understand your products and services and see why your company is the better choice. Literally, words cannot describe what a video can in 1 or 2 or 3 minutes.


Remember, if a picture is worth a thousand words... a video is worth a million.


Contact CINEWEB for any of your business needs. We will be happy to send a representative to provide you with a free evaluation and quote to fit your needs and budget. CONTACT AT: or CALL (951) 432-6935 


CALL (951) 432-6935 or EMAIL 


Posture your company better than your competitors with custom films that showcase your company in a top-notch way. 

Your competitors may be using poor quality videos that say much about their prestige or lack of it. But you don't have to settle for ordinary videos. See how affordable we could be at representing your services using 3D to explain your technology or services brilliantly.

You would be surprised how affordable a corporate promo film with 3D ANIMATION can be through CINEWEB. 3D Animation can add a great engineering mechanical “see through” feel to your promo film. 3D Animation can explain how your product is made in better ways that words could. The same could be said about CINEWEB’s aerial films. Our trade show audiovisuals and web commercials can feature aerial views via film drones. See how your products look from above. Add a professional touch about how your company is perceived.

Take advantage of technology. Don’t be left behind by your competitors. Market your films on line. There are over 400 SOCIAL MEDIA platforms to showcase your brand, products or services. SELL and advertise on the Internet. Millions of companies worldwide are already doing it. This is the reason why many new little companies HAVE GONE “GLOBAL” 

Integrate a 3D Animation or an aerial film to your website. You will see how this improves visitors impression of your company. The more professional your WEBSITE is, the more chances you can turn a web visitor into a client.

Aerial views used to be very expensive year ago because you had to rent a Bum Lift or a helicopter to film from above. Today, film drones have revolutionized the world of cinematography film, and can afford you an economical alternative to creating a dazzling trade show video or a web commercial.

Nothing is more powerful and efficient than VISUAL MARKETING.

Words can hardly describe what you display on a picture. Imagine then the power of video or film.

Remember, nowadays, everyone researches online for everything from finding a product IMPORTER, WHOLESALER, DISTRIBUTOR, no matter how small and specific the “niche market”. Don’t get replaced by competitors that where found online by your present customers. We often hear comments like: “I don’t know what happened” “We have been in this city for 40 years, everybody knew us and now sales have gone down” It is not that sales or the economy went down. They stopped marketing. The market share is for those who actively SELL. And audiovisuals make that task so much easier for your sales reps.

THANK YOU for contacting CINEWEB for any of your audiovisual needs. We will be happy to send a representative to provide you with a free quote to fit your needs and budget. CONTACT AT: or CALL (951) 432-6935


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The world needs to find your company. We help you create a unique custom on line marketing strategy just for you. 

Websites have changed. Therefore, the “El Cheapo” type of website is nothing more than a cyber business card that does nothing unless your client knows the name of your company.  It is worth it to invest in a completely custom website and not a template. At CINEWEB we build websites tailored specifically for your company needs and estimated future expansion. Most importantly CINEWEB websites have built in SEO, SMO, components and special programing and coding to aggressively climb the search engines latter. This is not your “best friend can make me a website” outcome. CINEWEB websites are poised to help you go GLOBAL because we integrate a “timed” on-line marketing campaign strategy.

A marketing campaign can be woven into the website through coding and programing every so often.

Our marketing campaigns change with your growth and company’s development. CineWeb keeps adapting your new goals and visions and interfacing them into your website like a temporary “Implant” within the website.

Our company also has offices in France, Canada and we use global business tactics that have worked for our European customers and those in Canada. 

With CINEWEB a website is not “what you see is what you get”. We have ever changing strategies in the lattice of your website’s deepest structure working and evolving to help you grow your business.

Since On line Marketing is rather new, we encourage you to call us to see how we can help you expand with our services. We look forward to hearing from you. CONTACT AT: or CALL (951) 432-6935 







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From Logos, brochures, to the creation of your brand LOOK, philosophy and culture. We can help you create an image of success that's unique and CUSTOM made for you using our consultants' experience in business development.

Branding is vital to your company. Today it takes a tem of minds to guide a company through finding their "new"  "next" corporate look.

Do you need  an eye catching LOGO? Are you a established company who’s LOGO is looking UN-Modern? It this the same case for your brochures, website, films and over all image? We can help you refresh your brand. If you still don’t have one we can help you create one. We merge graphic design with business development expertise to create your new century image.


Branding is a focused, global approach to creating a brand—it involves more than coming up with logos, slogans and design elements. A brand is something that identifies and represents your company as well as its products and services. Smart brand development enables you to create a corporate image that resonates with audiences and allows your company to stand out from the competition.

While making a good first impression is crucial, so too is making a lasting one. We carefully study your business sector in order to come up with a corporate identity that encompasses trust, reliability, quality and other core values. The longer your brand identity assumes its place on the global business stage, the more recognizable your company becomes, thus ensuring corporate longevity, visibility and growth.

Cohesive and consistent branding not only reassures actual and future clients, but also creates buy-in among your employees and throughout your organization. Whether you require a full re-working of your brand identity or just a brand revitalization strategy, we will partner with you so that your company enjoys a solid, enduring presence in the marketplace.

A logo is a graphic representation, sign or emblem that enhances your firm’s recognition. It can even be your company name written in a special type, with or without any symbol or reworked as a symbol, depending on your specific needs. Once strictly the domain of graphic artists, the design of effective and memorable logos is now the culmination of strategic marketing, branding and creative finesse. Using this multi-faceted approach, our team helps you develop and maintain a fresh, relevant and unified logo that serves as a visual signature on all your print and virtual communications as well as on your information and promotional materials. 


Allow our dynamic team of visual media artists and graphic designers to come up with a refresh new look for your brand. If you are a new emerging business we can help you create a striking logo that will encompass your brand with the prestige your company deserves. Contact us or email us at


CALL (951) 432-6935 or EMAIL 


CINEWEB'S graphic design team can make your next brochures, sales presentations, promotional trade show back ground posters, even vehicle wraps. We can also redesign your business cards, business letterheads, e-mail covers, email marketing templates. Obtain a quote for your new catalog, manual, or business portfolio.

Print media entails the use of a multi-faceted approach. Our diverse expertise in this ever-changing field includes corporate communications, editorial design, brand products, vehicle graphics and print production. Just like any other marketing item, your company's printed communication materials need to be visually and technically perfect, with content presented in a clear structured way, supported by original graphics and typography, well-written text and dazzling photography, while never losing sight of your unique brand applications. 

Cine Web’s strong attention to detail and creative critical eye ensure that all your print media are fresh, consistent and stunning. Whether you require stylish corporate posters, sharp-looking newsletters or some other visual “wow factor,” our highly focused artistic team is here to guide you every step of the way.

First impressions, starting with something as basic as a stylish and attractive business card, definitely matters. From brochure, stationery and catalogue design to interior and exterior signage, the CineWeb team uses state-of-the-art printing techniques to make you look good. We give the utmost attention to graphic design, typography, illustration and paper stock treatments in order to enhance your marketing as well as internal communications.

In broad terms, editorial design is a component of graphic design that deals with the creation and layout of magazines, books and newspapers. CineWeb’s expertise here is in the conception and creation of magazine and newspaper advertisements. We combine the best of textual and visual elements so that your ad—no matter the size—attracts the desired attention. 




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We create custom websites with the functions and features that you wish for. Ecommerce of excellence. 

START SELLING YOUR SERVICES OR PRODUCTS ONLINE more affordably than you think. Many companies are selling online so eventually the question will be: “Who does not? To help you with this, CINEWEB can create a custom website that you can easily update. Our matrixes allow for price change, picture change, add products or delete discontinued products. In addition to this, CINEWEB custom websites allow you to run promotions. suggest related items to add to the cart. The options are many so it’s best to call us at (951) 432-6935  or send us an email at

We combine over 27 years of business development with web development in order to create a solution that fits your budget with your e-commerce dreams. Don’t hesitate to call us for a FREE estimate.

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Send Automated Texts to customers to remind, to offer discounts, to turn dormant clients into return clients and more. We offer many automated features to turn your website traffic into customers.

CINEWEB has added “A la carte” text or email service options. Many companies today alert their customers with sales, promotions or “time to come back” messages. Reach out and stay in your clients mind. We offer different packages and all prices depend on number or texts or emails and location. Call us at (951) 432-6935  or send us an email at

Text of email marketing may seem like it is for “Business to consumer” type of trend but it is also good for “Business to Business” Think of the possibilities. Just because you are an importer that does not mean that you can’t directly reach out to your wholesales distributors with a quick alert of new shipment containing a new exciting product. 


Text or emails can be quick and short and if you present them beautifully and graphically appealing, they can endorse your company’s professional image by leaving a feeling of appreciation on your clients if you are sending a quick holiday message.


Reach out to us to find out how CINEWEB can assist you with this task. 


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